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Tooth Repair Treatments

At High Desert Dental, we provide the highest standard of dental care. This includes offering restorative dental procedures to those with damaged teeth. When a patient comes in with a broken or decayed tooth, Dr. Eastham will layout a comprehensive treatment plan. Some of our restorative treatments include crowns, bridges, dental implants, fillings, and dentures. Our Grand Junction dentists will restore your smile in no time! Please set up an appointment with us today. 

broken tooth repair grand junction co
dental crowns and bridge Grand Junction

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Teeth that are misaligned, misshapen, cracked, or discolored can affect overall confidence. Crowns and bridges are a long term solution for those that are looking to improve their smile. Not only are dental crowns a good way to restore your smile, but they help protect your broken or damaged tooth from further harm. 

Dentures &
Dental Implants

At High Desert Dental, we provide dental implants and dentures as a solution to replace missing teeth or extracted teeth. 

Dr. Joshua has received extensive training in implant dentistry to provide his patients with the best possible care. If you are interested in a dental implant consultation or a dentures consultation, schedule one today! 

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Tooth Cavity Repair

Cavities are very common. At High Desert Dental, we treat cavities quickly to avoid tooth decay and prolonged pain. Avoiding the dentist can cause cavities to go unseen. This can lead to more extensive treatments being needed to restore optimal oral health. Routine dental check-ups will help prevent cavities or allow us to spot them early to avoid more damage. 


We take pride in offering advanced technology to our restorative patients. This allows us to help you reduce healing time, increase efficiency, and diagnose any issues you may be having with transparency. 


Cone Beam technology is one of the most important pieces of dental technology that we use today. It allows us to provide 3D imaging of the teeth, soft tissue, and gums while reducing our patients' exposure to radiation. Each scan gives us a transparent image of the health of your mouth allowing us to create an appropriate treatment plan.


Nitrous oxide sedation is very safe and effective. This option allows us to perform more than one treatment on the same day. Once the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide will wear off fairly quickly, and you will probably be able to drive yourself home and return to your daily activities. This solution is ideal for patients who have dental anxiety.

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Patient Testimonials

Highly recommend this office! The staff is amazing, they were able to get me in right away and did work on me the same day very pleased. If you are looking for a Dentist this is the place to go definitely taking my family. Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable, did a great job, best of all speaks Spanish very fluently
Isabel Ramirez
Grand Junction, CO
Dr. Josh is great! The first time I came to the office, everyone was so nice and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable and shares what he would do if it was his mouth he was working on! I definitely trust him to do my dental treatment!
Callie Turk
Grand Junction, CO
I absolutely love my experience with Dr. Eastham! I have been happy with my results and feel like a true partner in my care, as he explains my current oral health state and needs every step of the way. I could also tell that the care team worked well together, and the work environment seemed enthusiastic and fun. Would highly recommend this practice to my friends and family!
Ben Grothe
Grand Junction, CO